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The Town of Bargersville has three (3) beautiful parks available for resident and community use. The Witt, Switzer, and Windisch Parks, as well as the new Founders Fountain are all located in the downtown Bargersville area. Bargersville Parks are governed by a six (6) member volunteer Parks Advisory Board with direction from the Town Council. Rules are posted at each park location for your information and safety. Parks are patrolled by Bargersville Police officers. The Town adopted a Five Year Parks and Recreation Master Plan on April 10, 2018, through Resolution 2018-04. For more information, please click hereopens in a new window.

Bargersville Parks Map

Witt Park is located in southeast corner of downtown, next to First Christian Church. The park, while small, provides a fenced playground for children’s enjoyment. The park is named after long time Bargersville Clerk-Treasurer Beulah Witt. Park amenities include a multi-level jungle gym with monkey bars, slides, and activity center. The park also includes a small grassy area, swings, and benches.

Switzer Park is located on the west side of Bargersville on County Road 144, also known as Old Plank Road. The park is named after longtime residents and business owners William (Bill) and Francis Switzer. The couple owned and operated a local tomato processing plant during the 1950s and ’60s. Tomatoes were sold under the “Hoosier” label, providing many locals summertime employment. Park amenities include a full basketball court, multi-level jungle gym with monkey bars, slides, and activity center. The park also includes a covered pavilion, picnic tables, and benches that are perfect for small gatherings.

Windisch Park is located near the corner of West and North Street. The land was donated by the family to honor the memory of Carl and Anita Windisch. Windisch Park has been the recipient of numerous Eagle Scouts projects. The Eagle Scouts have worked on the flower beds, the gazebo, picnic tables, benches, and a brick memorial with the Eagle. In the fall of 2015, the Eagle Scouts re-furbished the flower beds. We hope you enjoy walking Windisch Park and smelling the flowers this spring. The park amenities include a paved trail for walking with beautiful landscaped groups with picnic tables and benches that are perfect for family gatherings.

In July 2016, work was completed on the Founders Fountain next to Town Hall. As part of the project, residents can order a brick paver to be installed in the path. The paver has the option of having a message engraved on it. There are a variety of sizes and prices available, which can be found on the order form here or can be picked up from the Main Office of Town Hall. Return any completed forms with payment to Town Hall.

Future Projects

Forward thinking, the Bargersville Town Council recently purchased approximately 19.5 acres at the southeast corner of County Road 144 and Saddle Club Road (400W) for a future Park or other appropriate use. A design proposalopens in a new window has been submitted to the Town.

A paved trail is planned for Bargersville from the east of the intersection of State Road 135 and County Road 144, going west. Trail work should begin in 2018 with a paved section to the area of Harriman and County Road 144. Travel west on Harriman on the marked trail to Town Hall, turn north on Main Street and continue to County Road 144. The paved section will return with a trail to Switzer Park.

Park Rules

For the safety and enjoyment of everyone, please follow these rules and courtesies:

  1. Park Hours: 6:00am to 8:00pm
  2. Parks are tobacco, alcohol, and drug-free zones.
  3. Help keep your parks beautiful!
    • Bag and dispose of pet waste
    • Place all litter in appropriate trash containers
    • Drive and park only on roadways and designated parking areas
    • Wildlife and vegetation should not be disturbed
  4. Help keep your parks safe!
    • Pets are not permitted in playground areas
    • Adult supervision recommended for children in playgrounds
    • Report inappropriate conduct to Bargersville Police (317-736-5155)
    • Motorized vehicles are not permitted on trails or park grounds
    • Fires are not permitted
    • Skateboards, bicycles, and rollerblades are not permitted in shelters, buildings, or on playgrounds or basketball courts
    • Discharge of fireworks and firearms is prohibited
  5. Help keep your parks fun!
    • Keep all pets leashed
    • Exercise pets on a leash no longer than 6 feet
    • Avoid playing loud music that disturbs others
    • Soliciting or use of park for profit is prohibited without prior approval
    • Help keep wildlife wild – Please do not feed water fowl or wild animal

Report maintenance concerns to Bargersville Parks & Recreations (317-422-5115).

For any questions about the parks or to contact the Parks Advisory Board, please email [email protected].