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Redevelopment Authority

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The Bargersville Redevelopment Authority consists of three members appointed by the Town Council. The purpose of the Authority is to plan, budget and finance as needed, land sales, leases, and other obligations regarding public improvements, afterwhich said public improvements are leased to the Commission.

In order to accomplish the purposes of the Redevelopment Commission, the Authority has the power to finance, improve, construct, reconstruct, renovate, purchase, lease, acquire and equip local public improvements and then lease those improvements to the Commission to accomplish the approved goals of the Commission.

The Redevelopment Authority meets as needed to discuss pending issues.

Redevelopment Authority Members (Est 2010)

Ken Zumstein
Rowana Umbarger
Bob Scellato
Nancy Kehl – Recording Secretary

For questions, concerns or information regarding the Redevelopment Commission, contact Nancy Kehl at 422-5115, or by email at