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Redevelopment Commission

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Established in 2007, the Redevelopment Commission oversees and administrates the redevelopment needs and tax districts in the Town of Bargersville. The Bargersville Redevelopment Commission consists of five members appointed by the Town Council. It meets immediately after January 15 of each year, to hold an organizational meeting and elect a president, vice president, and secretary-treasurer to perform the duties of those offices.

Redevelopment Commissioners determine areas needing development, promote the use of land in a manner that best serves tax units and residents, works with departments and agencies to serve the area, and plans and acquires areas needing redevelopment in the manner that best serves the social and economic interest of the area and its residents. (IC 36-7-14-11)

The members for this board are chosen yearly by the Town Council.


Founded in 2007, the mission of the Bargersville Redevelopment Commission (RDC) is to promote a healthy business and community climate through the support of business attraction and retention activities, and community development opportunities. It is through these efforts, we will provide maximum quality of place benefits to our residents.

Bargersville’s Strengths


Located just 12 miles south of downtown Indianapolis, affords Bargersville a tremendous opportunity to grow its commercial, retail, office and industrial base. Nearby assets such as the Indianapolis International Airport, the I-65 corridor and the S.R. 37/I-69 corridor make this an ideal location for business and residential growth. Access to quality of life and cultural amenities in the Indianapolis metro area include: The Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Fever, The Indiana Pacers, the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, just to name a few.


Two outstanding school systems support this community – Center Grove Community Schools and Franklin Community Schools. Both of these school districts offer excellent curriculums. For more information, visit their websites, which you can find links to in our Links Menu.


Bargersville’s utility capacity provides ample room for growth. It’s municipally owned water and sanitary sewer utilities provide infrastructure along the S.R. 37, S.R. 144 and S.R. 135 corridors ideal for business expansion. In addition, the town has an abundance of available acreage prime for development along these corridors.

Our Strategy

In order to grow and retain business investment within the area, the RDC seeks to focus on the following sectors: Commercial, Retail, Office, and Industrial. With full support from the local elected officials, Bargersville’s vision encourages business and community development opportunities through: